Stonebrim Slip

Stonebrim Slip

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Stonebrim Slips offer fans a chance to get involved in Project Wembley 2023. Here's how it works once you've purchased a Slip:

1. It is valid for 3 years! 

You can buy a £10 slip now, hold it until we perform at Wembley in 2023 and save yourself a fortune. 

2. You can make money by selling it on our Stonebrim exchange! 

Alternatively, should you decide you no longer want the ticket to Wembley, you have the option to cash in and sell the slip, via our exchange, at the current market rate for the tickets. 

3. Guaranteed refund if no Stonebrim gigs have been performed within 2 years of your purchase! 

The value of these slips is equivalent to 3 milk-heavy coffees, 1 mediocre computer game from 2010, pre-drinks before spending 10x that in the pub or a Panini lunch in London (Why on earth are you buying Panini’s anyway?)

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have read and understand the Terms and Conditions before purchasing. Buy making a purchase, you are agreeing to the T's and C's.