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The Great British Band Tradition has been in place for over 60 years and Stonebrim is its latest grandchild.

Formed in an era of pandemic, Stonebrim have released 11 songs, amassed over 100,000 youtube hits with the single 'I Believe In Winter' and have announced ambitions to play at Wembley Stadium in 2023. 

"They are creating a new sound, bringing energy, passion and originality" 
 Richard Eyre, Radio Crimson and former CEO of Capital Radio

"Having seen Stonebrim live a couple of times I was curious as to whether their studio recording would match the energy of their live performances. Track 1 swept away any such doubts! Give this a listen!"
Stratford Music Network

"The EP's title track instantly drops you smack in the middle of a punk rock gig, complete with relentless energy and a sound that envelops your senses to the point where you can almost feel a crowd moshing all around you.!" 
 Ali Jafri, bassist from Noori